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New Build Snagging Inspections

At WeSnag we help defend your consumer rights against the big developers. We offer Construction Industry Snagging expertise to help safeguard your interests in the course of the handover & warranty periods of your new build property or small works.

Our friendly Inspection team is comprised of seasoned construction industry professionals – with many years of site experience and a thorough knowledge of NHBC and building standards.

Furnished with the latest technology and a trained critical eye they will go through a methodical inspection process to identify & record any defects, issues and snags within your new build property to help you have them put right by the developer.

The next working day, you will receive a detailed but easy to follow pictorial snagging survey report. Which will enable you to formally raise and consequently chase, all the issues identified, with the developer.

Other Services:

Our broad building industry knowledge base also allows us to also offer you independent consulting services for those undertaking residential & commercial building projects such as extensions, renovations, and new builds. We provide professional services & advice from building services to building sustainability – from the design stages, right through the build process and handover– to help ensure you obtain the most cost effective results from your investment.

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About Us

Our Story:

Viktor – founded WeSnag of as a result of his own new build purchase experience in 2014. A senior construction industry professional with over 30 years’ experience in the commercial building industry, he was stunned to identify nearly 200 issues with his new home at the handover! Having snagged and chased as part of his day job for most of his career, Viktor swiftly set about the ensuing battle with the developer of having these snags put right. An experience that ultimately lasted 2 years!

Shocked and outraged at the lack of quality control in the build process and at the drudgery of the poor customer service, Viktor became determined not to let the developer get away with poor workmanship in front of unsuspecting buyers eyes. He therefore offered to help his neighbours by offering snagging inspections to have their new build property issues put right. And so WeSnag was born.

Our Team

Our friendly team of inspectors is comprised of seasoned construction industry professionals from varied backgrounds – surveyors, senior construction managers & building services managers . With many years of site experience and a thorough knowledge of building standards they are passionate about safeguarding quality standards within the industry and providing outstanding customer service.
Our Inspectors follow an inspection checklist process to ensure all the pertinent items are reviewed in the course of an inspection and nothing gets missed. This process is continually reviewed and improved by the team to ensure the highest standards of all our inspections.

Want to join the WeSnag team ?
Write to us in the first instance on:

Viktor Tarulis MSc. - Founder of WeSnag

Viktor Tarulis MSc. | Founder

Viktor’s 30 years career of technical design & site management spans a broad range of experiences and projects both in the UK and abroad. Having worked with most of UKs largest Tier 1 Contractors and developers in schemes including schools, theatres, health clinics, corporate office fit outs, 5 star luxury hotels and residences in London, as well as housing developments and even the Tottenham Hotspur football stadium!

Viktor’s 30 years career of technical design & site management spans a broad range of experiences and projects both in the UK and abroad. Having worked with most of UKs largest Tier 1 Contractors and developers in schemes including schools, theatres, health clinics, corporate office fit outs, 5 star luxury hotels and residences in London, as well as housing developments and even the Tottenham Hotspur football stadium! Abroad his experience ranges from Island resorts in the Caribbean to commercial & hospitality developments in Central & South America and the US.

Viktor specializes in the management of the integration of building services into the architectural envelopes and finishes of construction projects.

Viktor broad spanning career in the construction Industry began by attaining a degree in Management and design for Construction at the University of Greenwich. This was followed by a Master’s Degree in the Science of Architecture at the University of East London. With a keen interest in promoting sustainability in the built environment Viktor is an LEED Accredited Professional by US Green Building Council and a Building Research Establishment BREEAM Accredited Professional. Viktor also a an Academically Qualified Professional –  CSCS Card holder – UK CITB (Construction Industry Training Board ) Viktor is fluent in Spanish and Russian and loves outdoor sporting activities and interaction with nature.

Diligent service by Wesnag – great to talk to Viktor in person to arrange our inspection and have him answer all our questions. Easy follow and detailed report – a worthwhile investment.

Michelle Bently

Viktor is very friendly and knowledgeable. He Identified many issues we would have never spotted. Great value for money considering the amount of things our developers need to put right !

Alan Foster

Diligent service by Wesnag – great to talk to Viktor in person to arrange our inspection and have him answer all our questions. Easy follow and detailed report – a worthwhile investment.

Esther & Ade Ayankoya

Victor was very professional and friendly. He thoroughly inspected our property and found over 80 snags! Most of which we would not have identified ourselves. Comprehensive report issued now chasing the developers!

Rebecca Eatwell

Inspection Costs

We believe our Inspections are the best value for money in the market and a great investment for a new build buyer. In most cases, just by identifying 5 snags a, pays for the the cost of the inspection Itself ! – we regularly identify over 60 snags in every new build property we inspect! !

Thermal Imaging – All our home snagging inspections include thermal imaging survey.

Snagging Report – All our inspections produce a simple but detailed pictorial based snagging report. Where issues are listed, images time stamped and clearly annotated to assist you to chase the builder in getting these snagging issues addressed. Our snag reports are issued by COB the next working day following the inspection.

Group Bookings & Referrals – We offer substantial discounts to group Bookings and cash incentives for referrals.

House Prices

2 Bed House £300
3 Bed House £325
4 Bed House £350
5 Bed House £375

Apartment Prices

1 Bedroom Apartment £265
2 Bedroom Apartment £285
3 Bedroom Apartment £300
  • Contact us for properties with an area over 1500 ft2

Booking + T&C’s

  • Booking your home Inspection or arranging an initial consultation with one of our team is easy !
  • Contact us via whatsapp, mobile, email or request a call back to talk with the team and to confirm date & time of the inspection.
  • To secure your snagging inspection we will request payment of the balance due for type of property you wish us to survey.
  • Following your inspection we will issue your report by close of business the next working day.
  • You can make payments via PayPal or bank transfer.
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Re-inspection costs

De-snagging – Although our reports are designed for you to be able to follow up with the builder yourself. However we also offer de-snagging services for those unable to do so. We will re-inspect the property following up on all the issues originally identified and check for any new ones that may have arisen. Subsequently we issue a revised report identifying completed items, any substandard workmanship and/or outstanding items to address.

De-Snagging Inspection Costs

– Apartment
– £ 200
– House – £ 230

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Snagging Definition2021-07-30T17:51:57+00:00

Snagging is the process of checking and verifying a new construction property in detail, looking to detect defects, identify poor workmanship and any other serious problems that do not comply with construction regulations.

In a new property, almost anything can be snagged during a snag inspection. Your snagging inspector will look for anything broken or damaged during the construction process, checking how well fixtures and fittings have been installed, verify the quality of the construction finish and decoration and the like. The types of problems a snagging inspector may find could include scratches on a window pane or counter, clouds on surfaces due to poor decoration, faulty ventilation fans, insufficient insulation on water pipes and tanks , uneven and poor turf laying (often caused by poor groundwork), a ladder off the tolerance or poor caulking on woodwork. A full list would be almost endless, as anything on a property could get detected. Most new homes in the UK will easy have about 100 constructive issues as most developments are built massively and on tight deadlines.

Can I request a snagging survey to list my project defects…?2021-07-30T17:51:07+00:00

Snagging inspections work perfectly when you are moving into new construction. You can hire experts to review the home’s defects and make a report to you. This would completely improve the quality of your newly built home and give you the peace of mind that you won’t have to repair any defects in the immediate future.

What are you hiring…?2021-07-30T17:50:22+00:00

The snagging survey, snagging list or snagging inspection is a common expression used in recent years in the UK construction industry. It is used to detect or identify construction defects and describe their resolution process.

This is due to the fact that most new-build properties are now being purchased in blue print (planned), exposing buyers to an unknown quality of construction finishes. Snagging inspection is often a source of conflict between buyers and builders, which has led to an increase in demand for this service to cover the buyer’s legal rights.

What is a snagging list…?2021-07-30T21:15:24+00:00

Also known as a snag list, it is a list of defects on a recently built property. They are the result of a visual inspection led and carried out directly by a qualified professional of Architecture or Engineering or by personnel duly trained for that purpose, including surveyors, project or site managers, contractors or building traders and in general professionals with extensive experience in the construction industry who are known as snaggers, but always supervised by the Engineer or the Architect.

It is recommended that a construction professional take care of your snagging inspection, as he will find more defects than “any of your best friends”(they will know what to look for and spot issues that would be missed by the untrained eye), since the builder is not obliged to inform you about defects that he is aware of. It is for the good of the buyer.

Top 10 snagging defects.2021-07-30T17:48:26+00:00

The top ten snagging defects that we see most often are:
1.- Plasterwork & decoration improperly finished, particularly around areas such as piping, media plates, light switches and plug sockets
2.- Tiling grouting incomplete.
3.-Architraves & skirting boards caulking incomplete.
4.-External brickwork lack of wash and drain vents in place.
5.-Block work improperly pointed.
6.-Loft insulation incomplete or laid incorrectly.
7.-Extractor fans venting into interstitial space or voids.
8.-Soil vent pipes not connected to roof discharge grill.
9.-Broken roof tiles.
10.- Defective or scratched glazing.

This list is comprehensive but not limited
So, this is an extensive list of what a snagging inspector would look for:

For windows – has all paintwork been finished off, including undersides of sills?
Is the framework on windows and doors free from damage?
Is glazing throughout the property free from scratches, paint splashes and cracks?
Are all sanitary fittings undamaged and clean?
Are all kitchen units and worktops free from damage?
Are the doors of cupboards hung correctly?
Is any floor tiling complete, especially around cupboards, fittings and doorways?
Is any sheet flooring flat and free from curling edges and bubbling?
Is the skirting woodwork and paintwork undamaged and free from defects?
Does the gradient and access of the drive/path allow for clear access?
Has a top coat been applied to all external painted surfaces; and is the finish to a satisfactory standard?

When is the best time for a snagging inspection…?2021-07-30T21:16:30+00:00

It is important to note that you can perform the snagging inspection at any time during the first two years of your warranty and submit a problem list at any time during this period.

If you are not buying the property on blue print and the property is finished, you should inspect it before exchanging contracts. This will allow you to include written clauses in your contract to cover snagging issues, such clauses could allow you to withhold a sum of money or delay completion until repair work is completed to standard.

This is typically done two weeks prior to move-in (legal completion) and will give the builder a reasonable amount of time to deal with any defects identified during the inspection.

Having a snagging report given to property developers before moving in means that there will be no disagreement about damage being caused by a developer or by an occupant

Can the developer deny you access to the property…?2021-07-30T21:17:07+00:00

Home Builders Federation (HBF)has published a voluntary code, Customer Service Code of Conduct, which states: The home builder will cooperate with duly qualified professional advisers appointed by the client to resolve disputes, if they arise.

If the builder has difficulties to allow you access, but having both parties interest in the final deal, your lawyer will be able to arrange access amicably. This has not been a major problem lately as developers are used to dealing with us, knowing that it is a legal right of the buyer.

How long does the snagging inspection take…?2021-07-30T17:44:56+00:00

It depends on the size and condition of the property, but as a reference, we spend around 2 to 3 hours in a three bedroom house. Larger properties will take longer accordingly.

How quickly will I get my report…?2021-07-30T17:43:59+00:00

We aim to turn around the report within 24 hours as we need time to put the report together off site. If you have chosen for us to provide a printed and bound hard-copy, please allow 2 working days.

Can I add new items to my snagging list…?2021-07-30T17:41:40+00:00

In general, the answer is no. That is the importance of getting a detailed snagging inspection and a complete snagging report the first time. A never ending list of issues is a headache and costly for a developer. They also want to avoid owners from adding drawbacks they have caused.

Generally, building developers will have a policy in their contracts that you can only submit ONE list of issues and cannot add items once it is submitted. However, major failures will be covered by the new constructions’ 10 years warranty.

Who pays for snagging…?2021-07-30T17:40:39+00:00

The home owner will pay for the snagging inspection and report.

The developer must pay the costs of fixing all the inconveniences in a newly built property.

How long is the new build snagging period…?2021-07-30T17:39:49+00:00

The new build snagging period is two years. A developer must fix any snags reported during this period. However, ideally a snagging survey will be done before move in day. This is to ensure that any defects found are not attributed to damage caused by the property being lived in rather than poor workmanship.

Is a snagging survey worth it…?2021-07-30T17:38:52+00:00

A new build property in the UK could reach up to 100 drawbacks, but the buyer won’t know what to look for when following a complicated checklist. This is where professional snagging experts come in. The making of a snagging, can become a very stressful and expensive experience if new construction defects are not detected accordingly.

Considering nowadays new home prices, paying a specialist to make sure you get value for your money is worth every penny.

How many defects (drawbacks) can be found…?2021-07-30T17:37:51+00:00

This will depend on the size of the property and the quality of the development. The same developer can have different finishes depending on the locations or neighborhoods. For a typical four-bedroom house, we found around 150 drawbacks. However, only 50 and up to 400+ can be found.

What is “snagging”?2021-07-30T06:27:57+00:00

Builders commonly use the term snagging, but it is not exactly a contractual term. It’s a construction industry slang term for the practice of inspecting building work before it’s completed and generating a list of unsatisfactory or outstanding work that has to be completed. These snags are minor flaws or omissions that the contractor must correct for their client before the project’s practical completion.

When should the inspection be undertaken?2021-07-30T06:29:55+00:00

Snagging inspections should be performed following a thorough builder’s cleaning. Space should be kept clean at all times and be readily accessible. Any tools or protective materials should be removed from the area. There should also be ample, permanent lighting to allow for easy inspection of all items. Hot water, alarms, ventilation, and under floor heating should all be tested to ensure they are in good working order.

What if new snags come to light after the initial snagging?2021-07-30T06:31:46+00:00

A professional inspector is more likely than a homeowner to find more flaws. As part of the service, they can communicate with the house builder on your behalf and advocate for remedying the flaws. That also means you won’t have to become involved personally. For an extra cost, you can have them verify the work to ensure that no additional damage has occurred, as well as provide support until your new house warranty expires.

What is the NHBC / Premier / LABC warranty?2021-07-30T06:33:28+00:00

Along with the National House-Building Council (NHBC) and Premier Guarantee, LABC is one of three major providers of structural or “new home” warranties. The most prevalent warranty is the NHBC warranty, which covers 80 percent of the new-build market. There are additional warranty providers who follow distinct rules of ethics. The NHBC, LABC, Premier, etc., will all expect the builder to fix any flaws within the first two years; and only intervene if a disagreement arises.

How many snags are usually found?2021-07-30T06:34:49+00:00

It enormously depends on the property’s length and production quality. A three-bedroom residence will usually incorporate a hundred and 250 snags, but this wide variety is probably a good deal decrease or a good deal greater.

Is a snagging inspection the same as a structural survey?2021-07-30T06:37:47+00:00

A Snagging Inspection is different in that it is a specialized process that focuses on the quality of craftsmanship and issues with objects that do not comply with building requirements or tolerances established by organizations such as the NHBC. A structural survey is more appropriate for an older home with problems.

What is included in the snagging inspection?2021-07-30T06:40:17+00:00

Snag surveyors examine all property sections that can be visually inspected, including cosmetic concerns, plumbing, electrical, and outside finishing. They inspect your property for compliance with technical standards and construction rules, as well as including thermal imaging as part of our assessment to offer documentation of any defects, such as draughts around doors and heating system malfunctions.

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