Snagging is an extremely detailed and careful analysis of the fixtures, fittings and building services devices of your new property; It aims to identify defects, shortcomings and outstanding items to address.Such an inspection can be used to reveal –

  • Elements of fixtures & fittings installed below the recognized standards of tradesman ship
  • defects and deficiencies that may have arisen unnoticed during the construction process.
  • Items that have not been fully completed
  • Items that breach the building & statutory regulations.

New Home Snagging Survey

If you have moved or are planning a move to a new build home, you’ll do well to consider conducting a new home snagging survey. A new home snagging survey will help you identify the problems that may been overlooked by the developer in the course of the building process. It will empower you with a detailed snagging list of actions for the developer to complete in order to have the all the identified issues set right. The same applies If you are undertaking an extension or renovation project. Having a snagging survey done will generate a snagging list of items for you contractor to address before he leaves the project or gets paid for it.

Even if you are a property investor, generating a snagging list can prove beneficial. It helps you to identify faults in the property and address them before you lease it.A property snagging inspection can also be used to record the condition of the property prior to you leasing it to your tenants – thus ensure they return it in the same condition upon their departure.

Potential property renters can also benefit from a house snagging survey as it will produce a snagging list to present to the potential landlord for him/her to have set right prior to the execution of the tenancy agreement.

New Home Snagging Provider 

The snagging company you choose must demonstrate they have extensive experience in the construction industry, its standards, and regulations. And have architectural and engineering experience in addition to expertise in quality control of all types with in the construction field. The best provider of these services will offer a detailed snagging inspection and a thorough quality assessment to ensure you’re well placed in your dealings with the developer or seller of the property in question.

Even If you have already moved, and you’re still within the 2 year warranted period,using a new home snagging  service can help you identify all the defects or lack of quality in the finishes and fixture; and ensure your developer/contractor addresses them before the warranted period expires. Experts say that these services are crucial to secure your investment and safety. And are the most cost effective way to address the issues within your new build home – even the ones you are not even aware of! The identification of 5 snags can pay for your new home snagging survey ! At WeSnag we usually generate snagging lists of over 40 items in every inspection we carry out. Some snagging lists are over 200 items long !  With increasing pressure on construction developers and their contractors; and a lack of adequate manpower, mistakes regularly occur. And these can have devastating effects in later stages of your new build ownership. As a result, a snagging inspection is recommended before the sale is completed or at least within your 2 year warranted period. It empowers you with better leverage for the negotiation with your developer/contractor and goes a step further to ensure the health and safety of the occupants of your new property.

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