When you decide to invest in using such a new home or property, you want it to be as perfect as possible. Having a pre-purchase snagging inspection can prove to be a good idea. It helps to examine the property’s actual value and understand the potential costs that you may need to incur to bring it to great shape. This assessment also helps identify the works that fall short of the building code and regulations and gives weight to your final payment.

Since a brand new home is a significant investment, investing in Pre Purchase Building Inspection Service in Essex will ensure that you have made the right investment. It also ensures that your selected property is worth the quoted price.

Pre Purchase House Inspection

A snagging inspection may seem to be a major cost apart from the high cost of the selected property, yet choosing the right one makes sure that all the shortcomings of the same are understood before you decide to move in. It helps you to ensure that you are making an appropriate selection for your needs.

These service providers will offer recommendations, reports, and assessment report that helps you to assess the situation. You may opt to use a professional snagging inspection company to ensure that you are indeed investing in the right property. However, before booking for Pre Purchase House Inspection, ensure that –

  • There is little or no conflict of interest
  • Identify if your snagging inspection company has any links with your builder
  • The selected service provider has sufficient experience
  • The scope of their snagging inspection (you can opt to have a sample survey before selecting any one company)
  • Identification of the format of the snagging inspection (will it be a comprehensive report with photographs or merely a written statement)
  • Is there any option of re-snagging? Is it included in the initial cost itself?

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