Yes. You need snagging inspection for a new building. Let us know more details here about a snag and what happens during the inspection.

What is a snag?

A snag is a minor defect found within your property after the completion of building work. Often, a snag is a crack or damage, which remains unfinished or occurs if something isn’t fitted correctly. However, several snags can appear cosmetic and minor, like a missing doorknob, a crack on the surface or a minor scratch on the windowpane, and so on. However, even if the minor fixes aren’t rectified on time, these can aggravate the situation and lead to more expensive and serious problems in the future.

In addition, snags can present themselves as more serious issues like violations of technical standards and building regulations. The inspectors at the new-build snagging company can meet the regulations of NHBC to ensure minor and major snags are fixed on time.

Who should opt for a snagging inspection?

A snagging list consists of several defects or snags that can be spotted within your new building or property. Before you relocate to your new house, these snags should be rectified by your house builder. Next, you can show the list to a house builder to work on them and fix these errors.

What are the areas covered by new build inspections?

The snagging inspectors will cover various defects for ensuring the property you have chosen can promise you the expected qualities and results. These services can inspect your property’s interior and exteriors by examining brickworks, groundworks, paintwork, garages, gardens, driveways, fences, ceilings, tiles, grouting, doors, electrics, floors, skirting boards, kitchens, appliances, toilets, worktops, cupboards, pipes, radiators, stairs, etc.

These inspections can examine everything and anything right from damages, high-quality finishes, cracks, and decorative defects inside woodworks, tiling, paint, scratches, and chips in glass surfaces and high-quality finishes. Besides, these inspectors are responsible for examining appliances, lighting systems, sockets, operation of heating appliances, and so on.

The services are vital for examining whether showers and taps are leaking or not, surfaces are clean and leveled up or not, fittings are working properly and fitted accurately or not, and windows and doors close and open properly.

Your new property should be able to comply with building regulation inspections while ensuring they’re equipped with an entire structural warranty guaranteed by an insurance provider. However, a housebuilder can commit several errors due to the inability to identify major or minor defects. So, the experts are responsible for fixing any issues that are found before the sale. Housebuilders don’t have ample time to allocate towards the identification of defects. Therefore, the new build inspection services are extremely vital for people willing to invest in new properties.

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